Curtains A Musical Whodunnit or Pull Yourself Together!

Curtains – A Musical WhoDunnit – Wyndham Theatre

We decided on a whim (a great word and one that is grossly underused in my opinion) to book tickets for this for a matinee showing on New Years Eve. And it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Set in 1959, the cast and crew of an underwhelming stage show come under suspicion after the ‘star’ is murdered live on stage. When someone is dying on stage in this production, they are doing it in more ways than one! No-one is that fussed by the demise of the star, well she wasn’t that talented anyway and many of those involved now seem to be very keen to go home rather than try and take the show to Broadway. In steps, Lt Frank Cioffi to solve the case and to help put the show back on track and maybe, just maybe to fall in love! Well that’s the magic of the stage, dreams do come true!

This is a good fun way to spend a couple of hours, the cast are excellent, Jason Manford as Cioffi has great musical timing and can act – I say this as I have only ever known him as stand-up comedian and was pleasantly surprised at his all-round talent. Carley Stenson is as always fantastic, that woman can sing! Leah Barbara West and Emma Caffrey are both superb as Niki, the understudy who seems to always pick up things she shouldn’t and Bambi, the Producers talented yet put upon daughter with a flair for the dramatic. But for me, Samuel Holmes steals the show as Christopher Belling the British director, whose every line elicit a laugh, through his use of sarcasm and honesty.

The musical numbers are performed well, though they did not stay with me afterwards. The comedy is liberally sprinkled throughout, the choreography is eye catching and the two hours are gone in a blink of an eye. Well worth your time to catch this if you can.

Happy New Year Theatre peeps!

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