Cold Iron or Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just threatened to see me?

Cold Iron – Miles Cameron (Masters & Mages – Book 1)

A while ago, John Gwynne(who wrote The Faithful and The Fallen series, which is absolutely awesome) reviewed this book on his Goodreads account and it was a really positive review, so I thought, why the heck not give this a go, one of my favourite authors is recommending it, where can I go wrong?

And the answer is, I couldn’t. This is such a grippingly interesting read, the world the characters inhabit has a definite eastern flavour to it and without the underlying magic throughout then this could easily have been a historical novel set in the middle or far east. And that is one of the many reasons I loved it, it made the world more accessible for me, I could imagine the characters, their dress, their language and their interactions. Plus, on top of that Mr Cameron has developed a very complex magical system which allows the characters to go from the historical to the fantastical.

The lives of the characters are woven on a complex web or spies and intrigues, assassinations, warfare, fencing, class systems, magic and study. Aranthur is a flawed hero with his own issues on top of being thrust into this world of lies and intrigue and full on threat whilst he was happy just being a student of magic. He is joined by an eclectic cast of friends, Dahlia, Sasan and Ansu make up his close friends and alliances, though they aren’t without their own problems and difficulties. Drako is a friend or is he or isn’t he or is he or, well to be honest I’m not sure he knows quite what he is. Iralia is a powerful benefactor. The General, The Master or Arts and The Emperor make up the ruling areas of his life and then there are the inhabitants of the Fosse Inn, his friends, who seem to be in danger every time he is around.

This is the first of three books and Mr Cameron has created a wonderfully intricate world and story and one that I am looking forward to delving deeper into.

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