Cable Knit Sweaters are going to make a big comeback!

Knives Out (2019) – Comedy, Crime, Drama

Initially I avoided this film because the trailer just didn’t do anything for me, and Daniel’s Craig Deep South accent generally puts me off any film it appears in. But I was convinced by positive reviews from friends, yep I’m looking at you Dave! Wealthy patriarch of the Thrombey family - Harlan (Christopher Plummer) commits suicide and his dysfunctional and money hungry family come a calling. The police have to make sure the cause of death was suicide and then things get a bit back stabby and mystery based. Well, you actually find out what happened to Harlan about halfway through the film but the rest is the real mystery part. If Carlsberg did film casts, then this would be right up there. I could go on and on about how great this cast is and it is, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette and Riki Lindhome are as always superb, I mean that is a dream team of actors and actresses right there. But I wanted to focus on just a couple of members of the cast. First up, Captain America himself Chris Evans, after the Avengers, this is his first big film outside of the universe, it is nice to see him playing a more complex and less heroic character and much as I loved him as Cap, I’m looking forward to seeing him spread his acting wings now. Then you have Daniel Craig and his accent and you know what I was able to ignore it and focus on a great performance, he plays a detective who at first seems a bit out of place but soon develops into

Columbo/Quincy/Poirot and Miss Marple all in one package. His revel at the end is in the best detective tradition. We also have Ana de Armas as Marta, Harlan’s nurse and the true star of this star-studded film. A Cuban actress who though appearing in quite a few films, this is the first time she’s really taken centre stage. She’s great in this role as someone trying to do what’s right in a really mucked up situation whilst being played by everyone around her. And finally, Katherine Langford as one of the younger Thrombey’s and Marta’s friend who is torn between friendship and family, a real case of nature vs nurture – she and miss de Armas should both be stars of the future.

I went into this film with quite low expectations and was very happily surprised, there are a few twists and turns and to be fair they’re quite easy to spot a mile off. If you don’t know who the baddie of this film is straight away then you need to watch more films! But is well-written with some fantastic ideas and an interesting path to get to the conclusion. It is sharp and witty and Chris Evans single handily has revived the chunky knit wear industry. The cast is stellar and Rian Johnson holds it all together with superbly, not a surprise as he wrote it as well. Each cast member on the poster deserves 1 point, Mr Johnson 2(1 for writing and 1 for directing) and because I was wrong, Mr Craig’s accent can get a point and finally Dave earns the film another point by convincing me to give it ago. So, 15/20 for a film I had no interest in. Nice one murderous type peeps! I’m off to buy a White Cable Knit Sweater.

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