But Now She's Back From Outer Space(again!)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 2019 – Action, Sci-Fi, Superhero

So the final film made by Twentieth Century Fox received a panning by the critics, and I didn’t fancy Shell telling me she was right that it was going to be a bad film after we’d seen it at the cinema, so I waited until it came on Blu Ray and I was pleasantly surprised.

The film is not a great film but nor is it a poor film, there are some good moments and action scenes.

We all know the story by now, Dark Phoenix is one of The X-Men’s most iconic stories, written as The Phoenix Saga in 1980, it changed the X-Men universe and brought Jean Grey to the forefront of X-Men culture. It is also the second time it has been filmed. To be honest I would rather they choose a different storyline, The X-Men have so many classic tales, why not give one of them a go. How about Mutant Massacre, X-Tinction Agenda, Muir Island Saga, Messiah Complex or go to space properly and meet the Starjammers. So I hope Marvel, now they have the reins back delve into the rich back catalogues they have available and we don’t get Dark Phoenix the Third – rise of the red head!

Anyway, the film itself, Sophie Turner makes quite a powerful Jean Grey and has the vulnerability she had way back in the 80’s. Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops falls into the same trap as James Marsden’s version and has very little to do, which is a real shame as CYCLOPS IS The X-Men personified. James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult are both great actors and are the perfect choice for Xavier and Beast respectively and Michael Fassbender is brilliant as Magneto and some of his looks he gives just before he utterly destroys people have a real f you meaning to them. And Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, well I did not see that coming!

The story is a by the numbers telling, Jean gets zapped by the cosmic force that is the Phoenix, she has issues that create more issues and goes super nova, the X-Men save her with love, they all kick some alien baddies butt and then go back to running the newly named school.

This was definitely better than X-Men: Apocalypse and a good send off for these set of actors. It is not going to set the Mutant world alight but is a nice Sunday evening watch. A comfy old friend of a story 12.5/20 and even Shell thought it was okay, maybe I could have watched it at the cinema after all!

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