'Brilliance should be acknowledged.' - Matthew

The Gentlemen (2019) – Comedy, Crime, Action

Guy Ritchie is back to his best dealing with subjects he is a master of, East London and gangs. This film is full of action, gratuitous violence and comedy. It hits the mark in all that it does.

Matthew McConaughey is Pearson, the main man is the local drug business who is looking to move on and retire from the life. His future purchasers are trying to get better deals for themselves and he is having issues with the respectable drug addled daughter of some rich friends. His right-hand man, Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) is there to sort out problems and find solutions. His wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) has her own business and her own problems. Coach (Colin Farrell) trains the local youths and tries to keep them on the straight and narrow and when he can’t he sorts out their screw ups and Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a PI hired to do a job and rather enjoying himself doing it. As you would expect with any great Guy Ritchie film, there are twists and turns galore and plenty of laughs along the way. Charlie Hunnam is superb, in fact Sons of Anarchy is the only thing I’ve seen him better in. He carries a threat about him with a sense of enjoyment in what he does. Colin Farrell, who I have no strong feelings about either way, is fantastic as Coach who is very very dangerous but only when he has to be and is more concerned about his students. This is one of the better films I’ve seen recently and I will happily put this up there with Lock Stock and hope it is remembered with the same fondness by everyone. Though be warned there is more than a few casual C Bombs dropped! Well done Mr Ritchie, well done! An 18/20 for this action/comedy romp!

Forgot to say Hugh Grant has immense fun in his role as Fletcher and it is great to see him do something different. Brilliant!

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