Brightburn or Lex Luther couldn't have planned this better!

Brightburn (2019) – Horror, Sci-Fi

So, this was produced by James Gunn and written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn. I really wish that I was there at that family dinner that decided upon the direction of this movie. I can imagine the scene…

James “So what you are saying is that we take one of the most classic superhero origin stories, the story of Superman and his childhood with Martha and Jonathan Kent – we take this story and we…”

Brian “yep that’s right, we take that story, that beloved tale….”

Mark switched on the TV and Casper Van Dien is on screen as Johnny Rico shouting “Kill them, Kill them all!”

Mark” And here you have our inspiration brother for this adaptation, so what do you think?”

Soooo, yep what we have here is the Superman origin story if Clark Kent was an absolute psycho name Brandon Breyer. Brandon’s parents (Tori and Kyle) found him and his spaceship. when he was just a little baby and they brought him up as their own adopted child in the small little town of Brightburn, not Smallville, Brightburn, they live on a farm, with the spaceship hidden in the barn. And everything is all hunky dory until Brandon turns 12. The first thing that goes wrong is Brandon’s crush (Caitlyn), rejects him after he has been very creepy and, well you just don’t treat your crushes that way and certainly not their parents. Well, I suppose you do if you are an alien creature whose true character is showing through. And from then on, things are just plain wrong!

I will freely admit that I am not great with blood and gore, my parents early wish for me to be a doctor soon were destroyed by my being freaked out at the sight of blood as a child. But, this, this is just wrong! Glass shards in eyeballs, a jaw that will not stay on and splayed chests are just a few of the delights on show here. Oh, and heat vision can really screw up normal vision as well!

Elizabeth Banks is superb as Tori Kent/Breyer and her descent into terror from her own child is played with a lot of heart as is David Denman’s Jonathan/Kyle who understandably realises that he has to do something about this himself. And Superpsycho himself Jackson A. Dunn is fantastically creepy and disturbing and maintains a stillness about him that just oozes trouble.

This is one completely screwed up film and made me want to go and watch Christopher Reeve as Superman just to make sure that all was right with the world. But it is very well done and superbly acted and brings a fresh take on an origin story. I am just waiting for Bruce Wayne to kill his parents and start up a crime syndicate as Vampire Batman or Diana Prince hangs the Amazonian Warriors from the nearest tree with her truth lasso! A rather mucked up 14/20 from a rather disturbed Gav.

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