Bright Eyes Burning Like Fire!

The third and final book in Miles Cameron’s Masters & Mages series and what a fantastic finale it is. All of the characters from the first books are back in some form or other (except Ansu, he is given short shrift, which is my only bug bear) and the majority of them get their well-deserved time in the sun. Even if only for a brief moment or two – don’t expect everyone you’ve met to be getting out of this series alive, but no character is wasted. And for someone like me who loves stories because of the characters this is a fitting end to the series and hopefully a bright start to a new adventure!

I did not realise that Miles Cameron is a pseudonym for the author Christian Cameron. He writes his fantasy books under Miles Cameron, his Thrillers under Gordon Kent and his historical under Christian Cameron – I have straight away purchased ‘The New Achilles’ which is now safely added to my To Be Read pile(which is growing a bit to fast for Shell’s liking!). But I now have a whole lot more choices to make for reading material!

Anyway, back to Bright Steel, the final assault to end the Master and the Wraith’s plans is on the way, Aranthur and Dahlia are becoming more powerful than ever, Inoques and Iralia are their solid backbone of power and brains, Kallotronis, Dead Eye and Cut Face are their to supply the muscle, Vilna, Chimeg and Nata are there to provide firepower and support, Chimeg is my personal favourite of the minor characters.

These books are about, magic and warfare, good and evil, power struggles, humanity and the loss of it but for me above all else, they are about friendships growing and developing and becoming stronger in the face of adversary. I absolutely love this series and Miles Cameron is up there with John Gwynne and James Barclay in my favourite fantasy authors now and his books are on the same shelves as some of my Terry Pratchett and Bernard Cornwell collections, now for me that is the biggest compliment I can pay.

Thank you, Mr Cameron, and may Aranthur and his friends ride again!

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