Bigfoot rarely makes an appearance Yeti turned up for this!

Abominable (2019) – Animation, Adventure, Comedy

DreamWorks Animation is back and have brought with them a furry friend, as well as making my favourite animated film series – ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ (we even managed to fit int into our year 6 curriculum, great planning there!) and such fun films as Shrek and Kung Fun Panda, they have also brought us The Croods, which is just awesome!

Abominable tells the story of a captured Yeti, trying to make his bid for freedom, to escape the corporation who wants to use him to prove that Yeti’s exist(though the big hoo haa could easily have been avoided, if they’d just stuck him in front of a camera when they got him, but hey ho, my films would be really short). The company is run by Eddie Izzard, so you have an evil sounding villain that has ran shed loads of marathons for charity, so he can’t be all bad, can he? He’s assisted by Dr Zara (Sarah Paulson), who seems lovely, why is she working for such a cruel company, it’s beyond me!

Anyway, the young yeti escapes and is found by Quake, sorry Yi (voiced by Chloe Bennet), what a result for him, saved by a superhero! Yi is friends with Peng(Albert Tsai) and Jin(Tenzing Norgay Trainor) (Who is also the Grandson of Everest Conqueror – Tenzing Norgay, which I found really, really cool – having a film about travelling to Everest voiced by a legend’s Grandson. Peng is a cool guy and his little cousin Jin is young and silly.

Oh yeah, that’s the story, the three of them, set out to help ‘Everest’ -which is what they call him- to get back home, whilst being chased by the Corporations goons and Mr Izzard. Along the way, they learn how important their friendship is, how to have fun, also how cool a violin can sound when played well and the power of magic.

This is a fun and family orientated film, which has lovely moments and some great humour. It is DreamWorks at its best. Please go and watch this when you can, it is a film full of heart and humour and well worth 97 minutes of your time. Children and adults alike will love it, just the way it should be with a great animation. 16/20 from this soppy s@d.

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