Based on Real Heroes so I won't do a pun for once!

Midway (2019) – Action, Drama, History

I’ll be honest, after Pearl Harbour, the idea of someone trying to create a modern film based on the battle of Midway filled me with trepidation. But Roland Emmerich can make big budget explosive films and they are entertaining.

The film starts with the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbour, and though the sequence is fairly short, it is powerfully filmed with the true horrors of the moment taking centre stage. From then on the story focuses on a variety of real life heroes and the events leading up to the lesser known Battle of Midway, though I am pretty well read about World War II, this is one area I did not have a great deal of knowledge about, so this film gave me the impetus to read up on it.

The cast is fantastic, Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid provide the senior leadership and this is the finest serious roles I have seen both of them in a while. Aaron Eckhart, Luke Evans and Patrick Wilson are also in their elements, playing leaders, pilots and intelligence officers and even Ed Skrein revels in his dare devil turned role model pilot. The real-life stories of the men they play are even more fascinating and we owe these men a great debt. Finally, there is Nick Jonas providing a lot of the heart of the movie.

Unlike Pearl Harbour, the personal stories don’t over shadow the narrative of World War II and do contribute to you being more invested in the characters, but once you realise these are real people, then I reckon you’ll be invested anyway!

I watched this a few days ago and looking back on it, I enjoyed it more than I originally thought. If you’re interested in this era of history and like explosions alongside great actors, then this is definitely worth a watch. A flying high 14/20 from me.

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