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Bad Boys for Life (2020) – Action, Comedy, Crime

Seventeen years after Bad Boys II, Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back and are being Bad Boys/Men/Grandads! And they bring with them the usual mixture of explosions, chases, one-liners/immaculately choreographed deaths and friendship issues. And though both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are both starting to/blatantly showing their age, they don’t hide it, they celebrate it!

One of the earlier scenes involves a footrace between Mike and Marcus and it very much like a Parent/Teacher race on a child’s sports day, with Martin Lawrence being the slightly out of shape teacher who refuses to be beaten by the parent(honestly cannot think who that would be!) and Will Smith, the still physically active parent who is starting to loss their natural fitness but could still have a good run around on a Sunday League Football Game but is not willing to admit they can’t beat a twenty -something to the ball, so is breathing out of their butt!

Anyway, I digress(as usual), I’m not going to go into the whys and wherefores of the story, suffice to say just as with Bad Boys(Mike’s Friend) and Bad Boys II(Marcus’ sister), the problem revolves around the boys/men/near retirees personal life and involves people being out to get them.

Will Smith is definitely back to best playing these action roles and this is one of his most beloved characters, he still has the swagger and the fun and adds his trademark emotional connection to the role. Martin Lawrence, though slightly looking like the eyeball guy from Britain’s Got Talent and a bit like a chipmunk, retains some of the best lines and adds the anchor to Mike’s exuberance. He also has one of the best comedy moments I’ve seen in a long long time, involving the aftermath of a rubber bullet. I was crying in the cinema with laughter. Joe Pantoliano is back as Captain Howard and has a lot more to do in this film than previously and provides some of the most funnily exasperated lines as well as one the films stand out emotional moments.

They are joined by a new team, Paolo Nunez as Mike’s ex-love interest/Police Lieutenant/ boss Rita, Vanessa Hudgens as girl with a gun Kelly(starting to develop her action skills and branch out from her usual roles), Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, the hard as nails, soft at heart tech guy and Charles Melton, with muscles and an ego to give Mike a run for his money. These four works very well together as a team and are a great addition to the Bad Boys.

The Bad Boys song makes several appearances and each one is its own moment of little Gold, including Good Men (definitely catchy!).

Bad Boys for Life is as good the first two films and does exactly what you want from a Will Smith action movie. It is a perfect Saturday night watch. And both me and Shell agree that is was the best film we’ve seen at the cinema for a long while and are happy that it has done well enough for Bad Boys 4 to be in the works already.

Bad boys bad boys Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Well, I’m going to give them a 17/20!

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