Also caught - The Good, The Bad and the Mildly disconcerting!

What follows is a quick round up of some of the other films I’ve caught this week these films are probably ones I’ve seen before and have just turned the TV over to or films I have watched but did not fancy writing a whole review about(If I reviewed every book or film I watched, then I really wouldn’t have time to do anything else and Shell would probably be a bit peeved at that!).

Anyway, in the words of The Muppets, on with the show!

Playing for Keeps – Saw this on Film4 today and have never seen it, so thought why not on a Sunday afternoon give it go. Ex-Footballer and rubbish Dad comes back into his child’s life, coaches his son’s football (I refuse to call is Soccer, it is Football) team, reconnect with ex-wife and as he’s a good-looking fella, causes havoc along the way with the other Mums and husbands.

Great cast – Gerard Butler(being his romantic lead rather than all shooty), Jessica Biel looking a bit Elven, Catherine Zeta Jones, not quite sure if she’s American or posh, Uma Thurman, being completely wasted as Dennis Quaid’s wife, who is also completely wasted and his acting directions consisted of “mention money as much as you can” and Judy Greer reverting back to neurotic comedy role that she made her name doing.

Made me smile in places, but Gerard Butler’s character is not someone you root for really, so couldn’t get invested in this. Talented cast wasted on schmaltz – 6/20.

Zombieland – I am a wuss when it comes to anything with Zombies in, so bad in fact I have never been able to bring myself to watch ‘The Walking Dead’. Somehow though this film has never worried me, so after reading a bit about the upcoming sequel, I thought I’d give this another watch before Zombieland-Double Tap comes out. It didn’t hurt that Shell hasn’t seen the first one yet. I have realised why it hasn’t scared the living out of me – because it is not a Zombie film, it is a buddy road movie film, where an eclectic group of people become a family with the occasional gory scene thrown in, involving Woody Harrelson being snarky and quippy and hitting things with whatever implements he can get his hands on, in fact he is the best thing about this film. Not as funny as I remember either. Worth a watch if you have never seen it, but not great to revisit – 10/20.

Star Wars – The Phantom Menace – So I decided this week, to start watching the two sets of trilogies again from the start – I obviously have to do this when Shell is out, as she wouldn’t let me watch these when she is on the couch next to me as it would bore the heck out of her, so this could be a film series I only watch during the holidays, good job I only have 7 weeks till the next one! Anyway, a lot has been written about this film over the years and you’ll either love it or hate it if you are a Star Wars fan or if you’re not a Star Wars fan you will be completely indifferent to it! Nothing I say will ever change your mind. Though I did look up what age Anakin should be in the Star Wars canon and it has him only 5 years younger than Padme, the casting director really needed to read that! There are some fist pumping moments in this film as well as some facepalming moments and that’s just the CGI. An I am glad it was made because of the excitement I felt in 1999 but started doing schoolwork whilst watching it again in 2019 – 11/20 for me.

Mary, Queen of Scots – After visiting Blenheim Palace in The Cotswolds and Hever Castle in Kent during the summer holidays we were talking about this period of history, so much against Shell’s better judgement I put this on as I wanted to find out more about Mary, a historical figure I really did not know too much about. And I still don’t – there was a fair amount of historical inaccuracies in this film – I know this, because as we were watching it, I was googling the about it, I definitely learnt more from reading online that from this film, but even I knew that Mary, Queen of Scots, who had lived in France since she was about 5, would not be speaking with a Scottish accent when she landed back in the country 13 years later, well at least not a strong one!

I’ll be honest, I cannot rate this film out of 20 as we gave up half way through, shocking I know, I never give up on films(well except when me and Dave walked out of The Freshman in the cinema, the one and only time in my cinema life that I have left a film, but it was awful!), but this was dull and uninteresting. Margot Robbie does a very good job as Elizabeth 1, but that is the most positive part of the film.

Well, so much for my quick round up, but if you did manage to get to the end of this, I’d love to know your opinions on these films, is Zombieland still a great film for you? Should I give Mary another shot? Is Gerard Butler’s character actually an amazing bloke and I am blinkered to it? And is The Phantom Menace, the best Star Wars film ever and I am being over critical? (Though I got a fair bit of schoolwork done, so I am happy with that).

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