Aliens, Sports, Gangsters - This should really be made into a film series!

The Starter - Galactic Football League #2

Quentin Barnes has achieved part of his dream and the Ionath Krakens are back in Tier 1. They need to be ready for one heck of a season ahead of them as the teams they going to be facing are the cream of the crop and well, the Krakens have a few issues still to iron out.

The right side of the offensive line is a bit dodgy, their running game is relying on second year players Yassoud Murphy, the owners are trying to trade two of their wide receivers and Quentin has to face eating with the Ki offensive players!

There's also the added complications of Ju Tweedy, the younger brother of defensive linebacker and all-round legend John Tweedy or Uncle John being a bit of a plum and taking a dump on his own doorstep. Which is a very stupid thing to do when your contract and team are owned by gangsters.

Mix all of these problems together and you've got another roller-coaster of a season for Quentin and the Krakens, introduce a few new players into the mix such as Heavy G - Michael Kimberlin and female ex-quarterback, now fullback Rebecca Montagne. brick outhouse Sklorno receiver Halawa and you've got the makings of a team. Throw in Gredok the Splithead , the Krakens owner and his motivational way of encouraging his players by generally being a gangster and a gangland war brewing and you have the makings of a war.

The universe Mr Sigler is well-developed and designed with a fantastic array of species and though these stories are based in the American Football(for me football will always be the sport with the round ball and played with your feet, but I am British), it is so much more than that, it is an action, adventure and a series about friendships.

Bring on The All-Pro. Bonus Review - The Rookie - Book #1

Growing up I loved American Football, it was something my brother Bruce got me into, I feel away from the sport quite a few years back, however, this year I have found my love of it again (Just a heads up if you’re American and reading this, I’m from England and it was a huge thing in the 1980s when Channel 4 starting showing the NFL!).

As you can probably tell from previous reading, that I love Sci-Fi as well, so a while ago I set out to find a fiction book based on American Football and stumbled across The Rookie. At its most base level it is the story of the Ioneth Krakens a football team spanning multiple species, Humans, Ki, Quyth and Sklorno, in an universe ruled by the Creterakian, a race who rule over the humans and many other species.

The story follows Rookie Quarter Back Quentin Barnes, who is making the step up from the local leagues(The Purist Nation - Tier Three) to a more Galactic standard(Tier Two), he is the main man in his old team and has to adjust to being a small fish in a big pond, he is pretty arrogant and not very likeable for a lot of the story. With him, is the elder statesman and starting QB – Donald Pine, Tough as nails Line-backer John Tweedy, Purist Nation Tight End Rick Warburg and Running Back and super player Mitchell Fayed. Among the Alien races, you have Ki’s – Kill-O-Yowet and Mum-O-Killwe, Quyth’s – Virak the Mean and Choto the Bright and Sklorno’s – Hawick, Denver and Milford.

As you’d expect throughout the book, you get plenty of on-field action, lots of technical terms, I didn’t really understand and plenty of alien on alien bashing.

What I didn’t expect was a story deep-rooted in gang business, religious fervour and racial hatred (One Planet is called The Purist Nation – that should give you a clue!). This takes a run of the mill aliens applying sport and creates a multi-layered world with a lot of aliens playing sport.

I have really enjoyed following this team in their first season together and look forward to their next adventures in The Starter.

If you don’t enjoy Sci-Fi or American Football, then give this a swerve, if you enjoy either, it is worth picking up. Roll on Tier One football season!

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