Alien: Why go back to the planet you doughnuts!

So I loved Alien: Out of the Shadows, so thought I'd give Alien: Sea of Sorrows audible drama a go as well.

This is much more Aliens than Alien, set a couple of hundred years after Alien: Out of the Shadows, a group of mercenaries are paid by Weyland-Yutani to go back to the mining colony which Cooper and his crew thought they'd destroyed as the mining operation that had been restarted had found something, the planet was also now colonised with mutliple cities, just to add to the amount of Alien fodder. Additionally the drag Decker, an ex-employee from that planet back with them, because he has a link to the Aliens through his genetic line.

The story has mutliple mercenaries, multiple mining staff and multiple Aliens, so it is a big bag of screaming, death, explosions and peopel bricking themselves. I loved it!

At first, the mercs all sounded very similar and a lot of them would not have been out of place in The Alamo, but the voices settled down and the individual characters came through. Decker and Manning lead the way, but it is Adams, Petey(sorry not sure about the spelling as it is Pietrovich , so maybe it is Piety) and Perkins give the heart and link to the audience. And mercs like Elway, Mueller and Silent Dave supply the gunfire and random comments.

Stockard Channing is great as company woman and beatch from above Rollins and she is superbly nasty in this role. It is great to see Andrea Deck back in this universe as well and she is fast becoming one of my favourite audible actresses, I need to find out what she does in the visual world as well.

If you enjoy Aliens Vs Gun-totting over confident soldiers and arrogant scientists who then change their views quickly then this is for you.

Bring on Alien: River of Pain next.

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