A werewolf named Wolfgang - well he's never going to be a good guy!

The Fifth Elephant

Another revisited Terry Pratchett book. And another book based on the Guards.

Vimes is sent on a diplomatic mission to the Überwald as as new Dwarf King is being crowned or at least sitting on a scone! Vetinari obviously knows what he is doing, this is a sensitive mission and our Sam Vimes is not exactly a sensitive person.

We have dwarf factions, vampires, werewolves and assassin - standard for Überwald really. Angua is needed back at home urgently - which is lucky because that is where Vimes and Sybil are heading. Her mother is scheming, her brother is basically evil, he is called Wolfgang so what did his parents expect when they named him! Then there's her dad, well he just needs to get down off of the couch! Carrot is chasing after her, but does he have a love rival in Gavin?(great name) a wolf from her past.

Vimes has brought along Sybil as she at least knows how to behave in these situations, but he also has Cheery, a female dwarf, which is absolutely fine except that dwarf's don't show their gender and we are dealing with some old fashioned dwarf's now! And Detritus, a troll, in fact he couldn't be troll like if he tried but he also has a crossbow, well a siege-crossbow that makes everything and everyone around it explode! Dwarf's and Trolls have got a history and not a friendly one! Some interesting choices from our Commander/Duke there! He also has Inigo Skimmer along for the ride, he is one of Vetinari's clerks but is he anything else? Well this is Vetinari we're dealing with!

Unfortunately that leaves Colon in charge back at home and his promotion to Captain hasn't gone down well, well with him anyway, he can't cope with the pressure and the paperwork, oh and the sugar lumps! Even Nobby is having issues with his best friend.

And with all Terry Pratchett books, you can look beyond the fun, the humour, the action and the great interplay between characters you love and find something deeper.

We're looking at how history and tradition can rule a people and how the adverseness to change can lead to crimes and to hatred. It also looks at the equality between sexes and the class war. But that's only if you want to look at it that way, you can always just sit back and enjoy!

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