A Knight Prince Lowe

Have had a bit of a Netflix Christmas film watch these last few days. Just in case you’re interested, a few thoughts. Am too Christmas'ed up to write full reviews : ).

Holiday in the Wild - Barely a Christmas film, has some tentative links, with some of it being set at Christmas, but an enjoyable story, Rob Lowe oozes Rob Lowe all over the place and Kristin Davis is a likeable lead. And it has Elephants, lots of Elephants, Elephants are always good!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby - not so much about a baby, but lots of Christmas trees and niceness, though they are all out of order to Simon even after he redeemed himself in the last film. Which annoyed me slightly, they were happy to spread the Christmas love, except to someone who once wronged them but then changed. But he takes it all with good grace! A bit of a whodunnit with added fear of war with another country!

The Knight before Christmas - did you see what they did there? It's about a Knight and it's set a few days before Christmas. A Knight gets sent forward in time to complete a quest, but also sent to the other side of the world to a country that wasn't recognised in the 14th Century and he takes the whole ordeal really well to be honest, not fussed at all and even loves a bit of Netflix(with added little advert for Holiday in the Wild thrown in). I haven't got to the end yet, but reckon I watch enough films to know what is going to happen. Somehow Medieval Knight and Modern-Day Science Teacher will fall in love and be able to spend their lives together – prediction made! A bit of Christmas Eve nonsense for the family.

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