What type of flooring do alligators have in their homes?Rep-tiles.

Crawl (2019) – Drama, Thriller, Horror

A hurricane is about to strike Haley’s home town and she hasn’t heard from her father, so she defies the local authorities and drives back home to make sure Dad is okay. From then on, worrying about Dad is the least of her problems. We’ve got Alligators – now I have never seen an Alligator up close but if they’re as big as the ones in this movie, then no wonder they’ve been around for millions of years!

Between, the hurricanes, burst riverbanks, alligators in the house, injuries and the untimely demise of various secondary characters, Haley and Dad are in for one hell of a ride.

Kaya Scodelario plays Haley, who luckily for her and the film is a swimmer and a bliming good one at that. The actress shows she is game for anything that the director -Alexandre Ajathrows at her. She is definitely one to watch in action circles as well as playing the role with a lot of heart. Barry Pepper is her Dad – Dave. Which is a real worry for me, seeing Mr Pepper play the father of a twenty-something, as someone who thought he was amazing as Sniper Pvt.Jackson in Saving Private Ryan it makes me realise how old I’m getting(I went to see that film with my Dad for Pete’s sake). He is definitely a Dad who can handle himself and grizzled is probably the best adjective to describe him.

This harks back to the classic creature features, you don’t need a huge cast, just a dedicated one who are up for anything. Oh, and some big ole beasties and this film ahs both. It’s fast paced and full of teeth. An enjoyable 87 minutes. Just long enough to keep you on your toes or treading water. A 14/20 for me and a lot of respect for Miss Scodelario who is fast turning into one of my favourite actresses.

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