My opinions for what they're worth!

I've got to hold my hands up and say I've been rubbish about keeping this up-to-date. I'm a Primary School Teacher and during the Pandemic life and work have taken over everything, but as I approach the Summer Holidays and hopefully will get 5 minutes to myself, I'm going to attempt to get this back up and running. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated.

Just like everyone I love films and books and all forms of entertainment, some of my opinions people laugh at, some opinions people facepalm, sometimes I watch or read things so you do not have to. However, sometimes, just sometimes I find a gem you might not have heard about or considered. Basically I love writing, hope you enjoy my meandering thoughts.

Please sign up and add comments ans start discussions, I would love this to be a place where people can voice their opinions and offer recommendations to each other.

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I am a 'forty-something' who is a  self-confessed geek and proud of my Star Wars, Transformers, Aliens, The Princess Bride, Marvel, Bernard Cornwell, Terry Pratchett upbringing.

I have always loved films, whilst others listened to music for certain emotions or times in their life, I watched films to have that same feeling or re-read books that held meanings for me.

It is all about the characters for me. If even the weakest story contains relatable characters or characters that grip some part of my being, then I'm in - though I would prefer the story to go along with the characters as well!

I am a full time Primary School Teacher who loves his job with a passion, however, it does mean that I have little free time, so please be patient and I will get back to you if you send me a message. But my class will always take priority over watching films - unless of course I become a full-time reviewer and part-time teacher, but that is just fantasy land.

You'll hear mention of Shell throughout my reviews, please spare a thought for the poor woman who has to put up with my geekiness and sometimes questionable choice of film for a Saturday night(she loves action films, and is not so keen on Sci-Fi) -  I have to persuade her to watch Star Wars or Marvel films at the cinema with me.

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